Tilapias for sale!!

The orphanage started selling tilapias in its movement toward self-sufficiency. Congratulations to the girls and the nuns for their hard labor. And our deepest thank-you! to the Orlando Rotary Club that made this possible.

Large flooding in areas of the Dominican Republic!

There has been large flooding in areas of the Dominican Republic with the resulting victims. The Administrative Circle of the foundation approved an amount of money to be sent there to help the victims.

Laura Ascendida al Palacio de Justicia

Laura García, la chica del hogar estudiante de derecho, recibió una promoción hoy!! Ahora, en vez del juzgado de paz del ensanche Ozama, Laura fue ascendida al palacio de justicia de ciudad nueva del Distrito Nacional! El Señor sigue dándonos muestras de que está valiendo la pena ayudar a las niñas

Training on tilapias & hydroponics.

During the month of March, Sr. Aderma and 2 of the children from the orphanage, re-trained on how to grow tilapias and improve on the hydroponics. This another step toward self-sufficiency. Congratulations!!

Entrenamiento en tilapias y aquaponics

Durante el mes de Marzo del ano en curso, sor Aderma con 2 de la ninas del hogar, asistieron a un curso en como mejorar la cria de tilapias, y como mejorar los cultivos por medio del aquaponics. Este entrenamianto fue un verdadero exito. Felicitaciones!!

The Blessed & Beautiful

The group “the blessed & Beautiful” had a fundraising event in support of the orphanage. There was money donated specifically for appliances that the orphanage needed, for scholarships going to the “Angelina Perdomo” scholarship, and many other things. The Administrative Circle, The staff, and the girls of the orphanage say: Thank you!!! https://youtu.be/S0Xz0Nu6vSo