Angelina Perdomo Scholarship

Angelina Perdomo

Angelina P. Perdomo is a philanthropist and former educator. She and her husband Juan M. Perdomo, a physician (deceased), who were born and educated in Cuba became American citizens and have lived in the United States for more than fifty years.

Mrs. Perdomo wanted to help small, worthy, non-profit organizations where she could immediately see the benefits of her gifts. After much research into the operations of non profit charities, she felt Hogar de las Niñas de la Altagracia in Bani, its Board and its administration was a perfect fit. In December, 2017, the legacy of the Angelina P. Perdomo Scholarship was instituted. The scholarship will provide extensive education opportunities for the girls of the Hogar. It will afford training to compete in the modern and demanding workforce. The Angelina P. Perdomo Scholarship will provide an education for at least a generation of underserved children in Dominican Republic. The Hogar recognized Mrs. Perdomo for her philanthropy in 2017, in a ceremony at the Capital in Orlando, Florida. The plaque was given in appreciation for her contribution to the education of then underprivileged children of the Hogar de las Ninas de la Altagracia.

Classes in English as a Second Language are being offered to all of the girls at Hogar de las Niñas Hijas de la Altagracia in Bani, Republica Dominicana. The classes are taught by a certified teacher and are presently being given once a week. The projection for the 2020-2021 school year, is to have the ESL classes taught twice a week. These classes expose the students to using multimedia lessons focusing on grammar, speaking and vocabulary development.


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