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The exact number of children varies somewhat, but at the beginning of 2021 we were housing 27 girls.

The most practical way to help those children is with monetary contributions, due to the high cost of shipping clothes, toys, or other articles to the Dominican Republic. We collect monetary donations throughout the year, and once a month send them a check to help with all their expenses: housing, utilities, food, clothes, medical, school, staff salary, etc. We adjust the amount of money sent based on the available funds, and the immediacy of their requirements. You can sent any amount from $5 a month or you can send any amount you desire as often as you wish.

The Articles of Incorporation for Immaculate Conception Foundation, Inc. as a not for profit corporation were filed on October 15, 1998 with the Florida Department of State, document number N98000005914. The Immaculate Conception Foundation, Inc. has qualified for 501(c)(3) status, satisfying the IRS’s definition of being organized for charitable purposes. Your contributions to the Immaculate Conception Foundation, Inc. ARE tax deductible.

Yes, we can serve as intermediaries to coordinate your visit to the orphanage. The religious sisters managing the Hogar de Niñas are happy to receive pre-arranged visits, and gladly show you the premises. Notice, however, that the nuns only speak Spanish.

The children residing at the Hogar de Niñas Hijas de la Altagracia are not up for adoption. This decision was based on several factors, including the processing costs, legal problems due to the recent traffic of children and organs, and the fact that many of the children are abandoned and not really orphans. Sometimes the parents get rehabilitated, and reclaim their children. You may be able to adopt a child from another orphanage in the Dominican Republic. Be aware, however, that international adoptions in the Dominican Republic are governed by Law 136-03. All adoptions must be done through an official Dominican government entity called CONANI (“Consejo Nacional para la Niñez y la Adolescencia” – National Council for Children and Adolescents). Private adoptions are not possible under the Law. All children are assigned to the adopting parents by CONANI. For complete information on adoption of children in the Dominican Republic, please visit the official CONANI website: http://www.la-republique-dominicaine.org/Dominican-Republic-adoption.html.


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