On February 24, 2018 Enrique & Mercedes Fernandez went back to the orphanage with the mission of meeting with the girls from the orphanage who have the potential to receive a scholarship from the fund “Angelina Perdomo” to have them get the proper education and training for a technical career. They also met with those girls who have already left the orphanage, and who came and gave a powerful testimony of how their lives have been since they left the orphanage in order to orient the older girls that still live at the facility, who in the near future may be leaving the orphanage once they reach the proper age.

With Enrique & Mercedes came Dona Maria and Dona Fara. Dona Fara connected very well with the girls and was great at sharing scriptures, and giving some spiritual direction to them.

Gaudy and her husband Jose were also present, as well as the teacher who will be teaching English to the girls. Gaudy and her husband are the persons with the task of identifying the careers for the girls, where to go for training, and to make arrangements so that those girls can get a job as soon as they finish their training.

Later on Susan & Mario Moquete came to the orphanage and also shared with the girls with the love that they have always  shown them. It was a day full of blessings for all those who attended the meeting.

Feb. 2018

In December Enrique & Mercedes Fernandez, members of the Administrative Circle, together with Dr. Mario & Susan Moquete and Mrs. Ediza Pimentel, went to visit the orphanage and to be present for the opening of the gifts collected in Orlando by the group “Bellas y Bendecidas”. The girls showed the utmost joy and gratefulness for those Christmas gifts. It really was a very joyful moment. The nuns were also very grateful for all the new appliances donated to the orphanage by the “Bellas & Bendecidas”. Enrique & Mercedes were also able to bring the Christmas bonuses that the foundation gives every year to the orphanage. The nuns received a lap top each from generous donors. We say thank you !! To all this wonderful donors.

Mrs. Angelina Perdomo made another donation to be used for the education of the older girls. Mercedes and Enrique made some contacts in Bani in order to determine what is available in DR for the education of the girls. The foundation would like short, meaningful, and realistic careers to move the girls forward. That way when they leave the orphanage the will have a career “under their belts”, and better jobs opportunities.

At this point the foundation is working with Mr. Hank Landers & Natty Rodriguez from an Orlando Rotary club to get solar panels for the orphanage. This will start making the orphanage more self sufficient.

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